This was a toolbar which allows athletes to upload their Garmin Forerunner data directly to the web - now the best way to do this is :-)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Son of Hollybar - testers needed (soon)

As some of you know, works not entirely booming - so I've got a bit more free time than I anticipated having at the moment....

Anyways, the good news is I'm finally updating hollybar - and hopefully this will include hollyfox and hollymac too - but not hollylinux...

It's taking some strange (but kind of wonderful) directions - you'll either love it or hate it! I hope it's the former, but marmite is marmite....

I'm currently only testing with my Vista and XP PCs, with Firefox and with IE7, and I'm only using my beaten up 301... if anyone's got some different setups, then I might have something for you to play with soon - so email me (hollyfox [at] slodge [dot] com) and/or leave some feedback here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Forwards motion? (Well, sideways!)

OK... so after a long long time in the wilderness, I've got things up and running again :)

  • I've got code up and running here under IE8
  • I've got imports working in Firefox for Windows
  • I've got a plugin inside Firefox (lots of XPCOM stuff)
However, I've also had a different thought...
  • because of requests for things like Mac and Linux support, because of requests for 405 and 50 support, because of requests for things like Chrome support.... would people rather I actually worked on integrating the Garmin Communicator toy instead? I think I could get this working quite quickly...
What do you reckon? Has anyone been using the Garmin Connect type functionality within web browsers - does it seem to work OK so far? Let me know what you think - I'll put something together...

(also - very cheekily - if anyone thinks that they may have a 405 spare at some point - just for a week or so - then please let me know - it'll help me to try testing with it)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Quick fix

No.... Hollyfox hasn't been released yet (sorry - been v v v v busy at work and play) - but here's a new small fix for the latest "R_General" problem - just a tweak needed because of some new changes in Fetchland.