This was a toolbar which allows athletes to upload their Garmin Forerunner data directly to the web - now the best way to do this is :-)

Monday, December 18, 2006

205 support!

Thanks to "Slow" for letting me know the latest code definitely works with the Garmin 205 too!

Now... on all those features I was going to add this month... I've just not found time for it. If I am lucky I may find some in January but my current workload and some other hobby projects (?!) are getting in the way at the moment. Sorry!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

305 support :-)

forerunnerYes... I've finally borrowed a Forerunner 305 (thanks Paul!) and got the Hollybar working with it :-)

The new installer is at :

I've also:
- put in a small fix for the split times (splits over 59 minutes are now shown)
- put in a fix for the code that had the problem when Garmin Training Center was also talking to the 305.
- put in a small fix for the 301 (no-one ever noticed though!)
- put in a small fix for the error reporting if you try to upload a gmap and pedometer javascript has a problem.
- put in a small fix to the installer - it should now remove the previous software version on its own (but the user will need to make sure Internet Explorer is shutdown for this to work).

On new issues...

I've seen that there is an issue on gmap pedometer with IE7 - basically in order to get the map upload to work you currently have to:
- go to gmap-pedometer
- answer "no" to the Hollybar question first time (because the pedometer page hasn't fully loaded)
- hit the gmap-pedometer button on the toolbar
- answer "yes" to the Hollybar question second time.

I don't know why this is (or whether the problem now exists on IE6 too) - I'll look into it some more "soon"! Not this coming week though - I've gotta get some proper work in!

If anyone spots any problems with the 305 support (or with the 301 support) then please let me know and I'll fix it!)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back in development

OK - lots of people have asked me about this again recently...

And it's true I've been neglecting it (been busy on soooooo many other things), but I promise I'll look at some of the fixes, changes and additions real soon :-)

Here's a TODO list:
  • make it so that you can customise (including turn off) the comments.
  • fix the bug that it "hangs" when you have Training Center downloading.
  • fix the bug that splits over 60 minutes don't get recorded correctly.
  • maybe add support for the other map websites requested (if people want them)
  • maybe add some additional customisable toolbar buttons (I use them too)
  • borrow a 205/305 and check that it works or make it work! (if anyone has a 201 then I can try to work with that too)
  • cache the list of runs/laps between "Add Training Run" hits (it's silly to keep downloading them)
  • let people change the buttons
  • consider adding some extra special buttons - I could (for example) track the last ten Fetch and RW forum pages that the user has been to - if anyone's any ideas then let me know!
  • consider changing the default buttons (anyone got any preferences?)
P.S. If anyone's interested I've now tested it on IE7 and it works just fine :-)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Integration with Gmap-Pedometer

! THIS POST IS NOW OUT OF DATE - for integration with GoogleMaps see including the super new mapper - DO IT!

OK... So it may seem a bit odd... You may ask why would I want to integrate my GPS with a pedometer... but actually this is about me finding a way to quickly share my GPS routes with other peeps.

With the latest version of the code, whenever I browse to the excellent GMAP Pedometer site then the toolbar asks me if I want to insert a GPS run onto the google map - then once I've done that I can use the "normal" pedometer facilities in order to save the route and share it with others :-)

Overall it seems to work quite well at present. There are a few problems I've seen:
  • It can be a bit slow - I wish there was a quicker way of getting hold of the track information from the Garmin but currently the only way is to get hold of all the track information (which can take quite a lot of time!).
  • You can only upload the last 32 "runs" - that's all that the Garmin seems to store.
  • Google maps does cause Internet Exploder to explode occasionally (which is particularly bad in this current heat)
  • I'm currently not uploading all the details to the map - there are just too many data points - instead I upload about one point every half minute of exercise - I might work on this later!
An example uploaded route is my half marathon jaunt in Cheshire last weekend -

Also in the latest installer (available on is:
- small fix to missing value (fastest speed) in summary info for Fetch
- some small speed improvements for collecting information from the 301.
- the addition of a few extra UI feedback features (including the requested double-clicking within the select run dialog).

Please note that all testing is currently being done only on the Forerunner 301 v 3.20 talking over USB to a PC running Windows XP SP2.

I have looked at some prototype code for the 201 connected via RS232, but haven't yet tested it (due to lack of hardware and time).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Installer on the web

I've finally found a place on the web for the installer.

Using Googlepages I've uploaded the latest installer to

The latest installer includes:
  • A fix to a rounding problem with the average heart rate
  • Detection of miles versus kilometers in your Fetch settings
  • Some minor fixes to the colours used in the Fetch "Add Training Run" fields
  • A hopeful fix to some of the installation issues - but I'm afraid users may still have to tweak the install a little - they may still have to manually twice choose "View|Toolbars|Hollybar" when they first install it - still not sure what this is :-( - but since other toolbars don't need to do it then I know I will hunt this one down one day soon!
I've not yet worked out all the details for getting this to work with the Forerunner or Foretrex 201 over RS232 - but I will look at this when I get some more time and someone who's got a 201 and a COM Port spare!

Other fixes on the way include a few more options - especially for the "Notes" field which has gotten rather large especially if you cycle and leave the autolap feature on!

Monday, July 10, 2006

The code is out there...

There are a "few" beta testers out there now.

And so far there's only been one bug found - and that was in the installer/COM registration code.

However, I'm sure there will be more bugs along any minute :-)

Also, there's lots of code that could be changed and adapted. One thing I've already noticed is that the blurb generated for the "notes" can get far too long - so it would be nice to make this blurb optional or configurable - maybe to get the hollybar to merge multiple laps together.

Oh yeah.... and (as I'm sure the beta testers have already noticed) I've added some colour marking code to the training log.

I've also had a few 201 enquiries... will have to think about how to work on these...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fixed a few bugs...

Just had a little play again...

There were a few problems with the Heart Rate readings - especially when the Garmin observed average heart rate exceeded the min or max heart rate settings in Fetch.

And there were a few issues with the installer (I love Windows!)

But overall it seems to be working OK as a Beta.

Although there are lots of things I'd like to change.

But I should really be working!

Friday, July 07, 2006

In action


The toolbar

... in action in IE 6 ...

It works here... I hope this works on other PCs too!

Beta version available

After a little while of playing....

I've got something vaguely working with my Garmin Forerunner 301.

There's still plenty more to do (and I do mean plenty), but I'm ready to share it with a few select peeps.

To be elligible for the beta you need:
  • To have a Garmin Forerunner (and 301 is the only model that I know works at the moment!)
  • To have Windows XP and Internet Explorer
  • To have faith in my software
  • To have signed up to the registration list here
  • To email "Hollywood" via Fetch or for more information....
I'll then send you what you need...


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