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Saturday, March 17, 2007

305 version 2.60

The latest firmware release from Garmin seems to have broken something.

Thanks to Andrew65 for letting me know about this.

I don't know what the changes are exactly, but using some debug output it seems Garmin may have added a new protocol - D1014.

Looking at this, I think it is a new Run Type, possibly something to do with the new Auto Lap functionality? Sadly it's not documented anywhere yet - so I've had to guess the new D1014_Run_Type structure - this invention is currently under test with Andrew65.

Sorry about the disruption - I'll look at it and see if there's any way to avoid it in the future.... I'll also see if I can make some of those changes I've been promising!


Geprig said...

I made the mistake of switching to the updated software too. They insist on you updating training centre to accomodate the update, so I'm assuming they have changed something fairly important.

Good luck with working on a fix.

I begining to think that Garmin are trying to drive me mad. I can just just about put up with the erratic tracking and the constant beeping but when they stop the hollybar from working properly that really is the last straw.

Slodge said...

Andrew65 says the latest installer version I've uploaded yesterday lunchtime works fine with the 305 2.60 and Fetch. I've not heard whether it works with GMAP - but I'll look at that later!

I'm still a bit nervous that it might not work perfectly - I've had to guess what some of the new Garmin structs look like - I've emailed some contacts there and hopefully they will tell me if I've guessed correctly.

Let me know if it does or doesn't work for you.