This was a toolbar which allows athletes to upload their Garmin Forerunner data directly to the web - now the best way to do this is :-)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Integration with Gmap-Pedometer

! THIS POST IS NOW OUT OF DATE - for integration with GoogleMaps see including the super new mapper - DO IT!

OK... So it may seem a bit odd... You may ask why would I want to integrate my GPS with a pedometer... but actually this is about me finding a way to quickly share my GPS routes with other peeps.

With the latest version of the code, whenever I browse to the excellent GMAP Pedometer site then the toolbar asks me if I want to insert a GPS run onto the google map - then once I've done that I can use the "normal" pedometer facilities in order to save the route and share it with others :-)

Overall it seems to work quite well at present. There are a few problems I've seen:
  • It can be a bit slow - I wish there was a quicker way of getting hold of the track information from the Garmin but currently the only way is to get hold of all the track information (which can take quite a lot of time!).
  • You can only upload the last 32 "runs" - that's all that the Garmin seems to store.
  • Google maps does cause Internet Exploder to explode occasionally (which is particularly bad in this current heat)
  • I'm currently not uploading all the details to the map - there are just too many data points - instead I upload about one point every half minute of exercise - I might work on this later!
An example uploaded route is my half marathon jaunt in Cheshire last weekend -

Also in the latest installer (available on is:
- small fix to missing value (fastest speed) in summary info for Fetch
- some small speed improvements for collecting information from the 301.
- the addition of a few extra UI feedback features (including the requested double-clicking within the select run dialog).

Please note that all testing is currently being done only on the Forerunner 301 v 3.20 talking over USB to a PC running Windows XP SP2.

I have looked at some prototype code for the 201 connected via RS232, but haven't yet tested it (due to lack of hardware and time).


Anonymous said...

Hi -

I've been looking for a bit of software that will allow me to upload
my Forerunner 201 tracks into gmap-pedometer for archiving, linking and
sharing so I'm looking forward to seeing how Hollybar works!

I've loaded the hollybar up and when I go to gmap-ped it asks me if I
want to load a run, but then complains my forerunner isn't connected
(which it isn't since I'm at work!). Is there anyway of loading up runs
from the .tcx file that you can export for individual runs from
garmin's training center (I'm using v. 3.3.2).

Thanks in advance for writing this up though!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it didn't work. Hollybar says it couldn't talk to my forerunner.

Any ideas? I hought it may be something to do with the fact that I'm connecting via a serial to USB adaptor rather than direct to the p.c.